Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Little Blue and Little Yellow

Little Blue and Little Yellow by Leo Lionni (Astor, 1959)

This book is an example of a book that is old but can still be used in todays academia. While I would probably not offer this book as a staple in my classroom library, the lesson that it teaches would be beneficial in an art curriculum.

Little Blue and Little Yellow is the story of two dots, who have loving families, and can see past their differences. However, when the colors are combined the families worry that the little dots have disappeared. This is not the case however. The dots just combined their colors to form a new color, green.

This book would be useful in introducing color theory to kindergartens. The text is simple and the plot is easy to follow. In an art classroom this book would be useful. However in a regular classroom the text really does not serve a purpose. Intended audience: Kindergarten through 1st.

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  1. Was it pleasurable? I'm a firm believer that soem books just make us happy and don't need to teach specific skills. What do you think?