Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Where I Am

Where am I? Where am I? That is a good question.

I believe I am standing pretty good at this point in the semester. I am prepared to provide my opinions and concerns in class. I strive to value the opinions of my fellow classmates. As far as the reading goes, it seemed overwhelming at the beginning of the semester. I am surprised at how fast I am able to finish our books. The books are fun to read and each one helps to trigger a memory from my past or bring a topic up that I would like to discuss.

I enjoy reading children's books (and on average read 5 to 7 a day, thanks Emma and Jillian). I will admit that I did not see chapter books as a form of children's literature, but I am starting to see the benefits of expanding into these books. For example: I may have a student who is bored with the picture book scene and needs the extra push to go to the next level. The genre presentations provided me with an abundance of tools to use when selecting age and grade level appropriate texts.

I really like that this class is challenging the way I look at children's literature. I used to solely base my choices on the illustrations inside the book. Rarely did I look at the text of the book. I would only look at the illustrations and whether they would appeal to my daughters tastes. I feel that this class is providing me with the knowledge to choose wisely for my classroom library.

So I guess when you ask the question, "Where am I", I would have to say that I am feeling really good. My confidence in text selection is increasing and I feel that I contribute to the classroom discussion.

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