Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Earth Day and Math - what a combination

Earth Day - Hooray by Stuart J. Murphy; Illustrated by Renee Andriani (Harper Collins, 2004)
This book is great because it can be used across the curriculum. Designed as a math concept book to introduce place value, the book actually puts a "kid" face on the importance of teaching our children about recycling. "Earth Day - Hooray" also helps to build the confidence of children by showing them if they put their mind to it they can accomplish anything.
Luke, Ryan and Carly knew they wanted to plant some flowers at their local park in honor of Earth Day. What they didn't realize was how expensive the flowers would be. The kids come up with a plan thanks to the help of their teacher. They create flyers, skits and canvas their neighborhoods to get the community involved in their can drive to raise money. Will they raise enough money from collecting cans to purchase the flowers? The concept of place value helps the kids count the cans and add up the amounts to see if they have met their goal.
I really enjoyed this book. I read it to my daughters tonight and my oldest stands up, puts her hands on her hips and tells me and my husband that "she is going to be an earth saver." She is now insisting that she handle the recycling "all by myself." I guess you can say that the author has accomplished his goal of getting youth involved. Now if I could only convince her that cleaning her room would also help save the environment, I would be in good shape.
Intended audience: Pre-school through 6th

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