Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello Kitty!

Bad Kitty Gets a BATH by Nick Bruel ( Roaring Book Press, 2008)

I want to introduce my fellow future teachers to an area of the Curriculum Lab that you may or may not know of. The "new book" section which I always thought was reserved for "just looking" is actually a vast resource of unknown and old authors that deserves a look. Located near the theme wall I was always under the impression that those books were designed to be left in the Lab. After talking with Barb I was informed that those books were available for checkout. So most of my blogs this week will be dedicated to introducing you to some of the incredible selections located on those shelves.
Bad Kitty Gets a BATH by Nick Bruel is an insightful look into what cat owners go through to give their stinky cats a bath. The book is written in the chapter format similar to the Captain Underpants series and is every bit as funny. The illustrations of the cat are worth the read alone. As a cat lover and a former cat owner, I know oh too well how long the bathing process may take with a cat. What is clever about this book is that the author throws in some little known facts about cats in the process. While you are reading the book you are introduced to some vocabulary that may prove challenging for emerging readers. However, the author was smart in offering a glossary at the back of the book that may help to lessen any confusion the words may give.
This book was so easy to read I was able to finish it in the time it took the tire store to replace two tires on my 35,000 mile car (about 30 minutes). Needless to say I had way more fun reading this book than signing the $300 credit card slip the TWO tires cost me. Love the cats, hate the car. :)
Intended audience: Grades 2 through 4

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  1. Again I love this series as well. I think the last one we read was about Bad Kitty and how he gets in trouble for every letter of the alphabet then how he makes it right (in his own Bad Kitty way , of course!)