Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Money Madness by David A. Adler; Illustrated by Edward Miller (Holiday Press, 2009)
Another great book to use in when working with the concept of money in your math class. This book examines the history of money. Why we use it? How it was developed? It also introduces your students to the concepts of trading and bartering. Money Madness puts math into relateable terms for children. It also introduces students to monetary names used throughout the world.
David Adler is a former math teacher who has written several books on math concepts that students can relate too. He wants kids to see that math can be fun and aims to make his book easy to understand and follow. The illustrations offered by Mr. Miller are very bright and clearly state the message that Mr. Adler is trying to convey. Overall this book is a fun and interesting way to introduce the concept into the elementary school classroom.
Intended audience: Ages 4-8

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