Tuesday, February 17, 2009


How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors? by Jane Yolen; Illustrated by Mark Teague
How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors? is a delightful story. It is one in a series of books designed to help children learn manners, colors, habits, numbers, and many other subjects. What makes this series so relate-able to children is the authors use of dinosaurs as the main characters. Dinosaurs take the place of children in the book, but human adults are still viewed as the authorities.
What I love about this series is the illustrations. Each page introduces a new type of dinosaur and offers relatively easy text for the readers to follow. At the end of the books further information is offered about the dinosaurs illustrated in the book.
While the text is simple, the use of dinosaurs will offer a starting point for many kids to become interested in reading. I know that my daughter made a friend at school based on their love of dinosaurs. One of the first books she ever read to me was a book in this series (How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?). If you have a student who is struggling with reading, I believe this series could help.
Intended audience: Kindergarten to 3rd

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