Monday, February 2, 2009

Grandma's Wishes

If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart by Jill Roman Lord; Illustrated by Amy Wummer
While I was looking for books to read for this weeks blogs, my daughter recommended that I read a book given to her by her Great-Grandmother. Now, I am a little leery of reading a book and blogging about it when it is religious based, because I know that religion should not be brought into the classroom. However, when I asked her why she liked the book, my daughter answered "because the pictures are fun to look at." So this week I have decided to revisit some books that I have read over the years and looking at them based on the criteria of the reading we completed for this week. The books are more for the story that the illustrations tell, not the story themselves.
If Jesus Lived Inside My Heart by Jill Roman Lord is a delightful story that teaches children to be generous and helpful to those around them. I did not even need to read the dialogue that accompanied the story. My three year-old was able to tell me the story and I know it was based on the illustrations. Amy Wummer uses cherub looking children and placed them in scenes that promoted the overall theme of the story. If I were to be teaching in a parochial school, this series of books would be great to use for a "Character Counts" unit.

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