Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Duck, Duck, Goose

How Do You Count a Dozen Ducklings? by In Seon Chae; Illustrated by Seung Ha Rew
The cover of this book infers that it is a book about counting ducklings. I was thinking that it would serve as a good book for introducing numbers to a kindergarten class. However, what I found was that it would actually be a good book to use when introducing the concept of multiplication to second and third graders.
The mother duckling is concerned with being able to keep track of her twelve ducklings. There is a fox on the loose who needs a snack. By trying different grouping scenarios the mother is able to keep her ducklings safe. She eventually does a good enough job that she is able to fool the fox.
The illustrations are good, each duckling is given a distinct personality. The text is simple, but the illustrations allow the reader to see the multiplication occurring.
Intended audience: Kindergarten through 3rd

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