Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You have to love bananas

Once Upon a Banana by Jennifer Armstrong and David Small
Who doesn't love a good book about bananas? A jester (yes I said jester) lost his monkey (yep, I said it). The problem is the monkey steals a banana and throws the peel on the ground which causes a whole chain reaction to occur during the rest of the book.

The book sends a good message about how one action we take may change the course of our (or someone elses) life. I would use this book when I teach a unit on the environment and a character counts curriculum.
The illustrations allow you to see the expressions on the peoples faces as they see the problem and how the next person sees what is to come.

All in all this was my favorite book of "wordless" books that i read. The story was clear, the illustrations were spot, and the themes were apparent early.

Intended audience: Kindergarten to 3rd

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