Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saving Strawberry Farm

Saving Strawberry Farm by Deborah Hopkinson; Illustrated by Rachel Sadora
In the spirit of the genre presentations, I have decided to dedicate this weeks blog to the genre's that were discussed in class tonight.
"Saving Strawberry Farm" is an adorable book based on the Depression Era "Penny Auctions". Davey and Rose are excited about the Independence Day celebration their parents have planned. However when they go to the store to pick up the ice for the lemonade, the find out that their favorite person, Ms. Elsie, will be losing her farm. With the help of the town, they have a penny auction to purchase Ms. Elsie's farm for very little money.
When I think of the Depression, I think of dirt, sadness and despair. Yes, this book has all of those. However, the text never once makes you feel sorry for the kids in the story. It starts out telling what the family is going through in tough economic times. But it turns into a story of togetherness and friendship. The illustrations are light and carefree.
If you wanted to use this book to compare the Depression of the 1920's and 30's to our current economic situations, I believe that it will help make the discussion easier due to the illustrators ability to make the children real.
Intended audience: Kindergarten to 3rd grade.

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