Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Night

Last Night by Hyewon Yum

What child hasn't been sent to bed with no supper? Last Night by Hyewon Yum is a delightful book about a young girl, sent to bed with no supper and what happens when she falls asleep.

The illustrations are so dead on, it is easy to see the story occurring on the pages. The little girl is frustrated and falls asleep with the favorite teddy bear who takes her on a tour of the forest with her friends.

Hyewon Yum does an amazing job of using shadowing in his drawing to bring out the anger the characters faces and the disappointment the mother feels (a looming figure with her hands on her hips). The fact that the bear trusted the little girl enough to introduce him to his friends (an eclectic bunch of foxes, fish, and turtles), lets the reader know that trust is earned. It also helps one see that the little girl and her mother need to forgive and forget.

Intended audience: Kindergarten to 3rd grade

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